Magic Bite For Runners

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Rp 65.000

Each pack contains 8 Magic Bites, each bite of 20grams loaded with 90-110 Calories. Packed in almost zero waste, eco-friendly paper pounch.

Choose your favourite:

  • Dates: oats, honey, dates, peanutbutter, almond flour. 90kal/bite
  • Fruits: oats, honey, dried cranberries, raisin, peanutbutter, almond flour. 93kal/bite
  • Choco: oats, honey, chocochips, peanutbutter, almond flour. 110kal/bite
  • Nuts: oats, almond, walnut, nutella, almond flour. 105kal/bite

Energy form these
homemade blend can bring you miles closer to finish line.
Just open, snap..
and go the extra miles!

We support extreme-sports athlete & enthusiast.
Hubungi Ricky (skolari) 081779941287


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